The Power of Art

Transforming Traditional Photography into Unique Photographic Art

I believe Art has a Power ~ a Power that can move us ~ a Power which helps us experience varied emotions and takes us to imaginary places ~ a Power that gives us moments in life to pause, connect and reflect with the emotional and spiritual realms of our beings.  My hope is to capture, and for the viewer to experience, the essence of that Power. 

Although interested in photography since a child, I did not start to pursue my journey in photography until  2009 when I was invited to enter a photography contest with my photo of Mt. Rainier Reflection Lake.  Competing against photographers with "real" cameras  I was completely surprised when I won first place!  This fueled my passion for photography.  

After exploring many different genres of photography I found myself longing to create something beyond the photographic image that was before me ... longing to create pieces that would evoke a response in the viewer, that would make them feel something. 

In 2017 I discovered Composite Photography and found my"home".   Most of my pieces have won awards and some multiple awards.  They are crafted from my imagination.  Starting with my original images I incorporate a detailed process, using many layers of dismantling, enhancing and combining to create a new, unique piece with richer visual & emotional content, telling it's own story.

Constantly learning and experimenting, my art continues to evolve.  Although primarily self-taught through workshops & classes, I graduated from the New York Institute of Photography's basic course in 2019.  I have participated in multiple photography clubs as well as held board positions.   In addition, I have taught my process to other photographers, for which it has been an honor.

My work has been sold and displayed in VA and FL art galleries,  exhibits, private collections, and has been used commercially. 

As well as being available directly from me, currently my work can be found at the Artisans on Fifth Art Gallery in Mt. Dora Florida.

Custom pieces and personalized pieces are also available.  Please contact me at 

Seek that which enriches your spirit...

Be kind, Be forgiving, Be loving...

Be blessed & Enjoy the journey. 

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