Photographic Artistry

  • "Ghost Train"

    The Orange Blossom Cannonball No. 2 is a wood burning steam engine which has been featured in many movies including "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" starring George Clooney. It took over 25 layers and several months to create what has been called a "magical" piece, winning multiple awards and juried into multiple exhibits.

  • "Covered in Love"

    Creating a peaceful retreat instilled in me a feeling of being "Covered in Love".

  • Garden Daydream

    Enter the garden where dreams begin. This piece is created from over 75 layers including 21 birds, rabbit, caterpillar, butterflies, a bee... I wanted to create a piece where the more you look, the more you see... where you can relax and enjoy the fantasy!

  • "Trapped in Time"

    During this season in history we may feel as if we are "trapped in time". However we are not helpless, hopeless or alone.

  • Big Moon in Sunset

    A favorite of moon gazers! The original piece was created as an experiment while I was snowed in one winters day. This was in 2010, when I first began my journey in photography. In the first version I had a more opaque moon. Since that time I have refined the piece by changing the moon to a more transparent version, which I find more intriguing.

  • "The Dancers"

    Enchanted evenings and Romance go hand in hand! This piece can be customized with another couple of your choice. Please contact me for details.

  • Sydney and the Red Flower by Shara Abel

    Sweet Sydney as she walks into her path of life.

  • Serenity

    Sitting serenely in a place of solitude basking in the morning light.

  • Where the Water Leads

    In a deserted mansion I saw this beautiful stairway. Using multiple layers I brought it back to life and added a mysterious story...

  • Hidden World

    Holding a humming bird and bluebird bird in her hands with a life force radiating from her ... Who is she? Where is she?

  • "The Door"

    A doorway to possibilities and journeys...

  • The Guardian Over Steeples

    The Strength & Protection of God. Steeples taken at Harpers Ferry WV.

  • NightHawk

    The hawk swoops through the night, composite magic!

  • Owl in Moonlight

    One afternoon I saw this owl sitting in my dogwood tree in Virginia. Then I added some other images from Florida and Massachusetts and created a magical night scene!

  • The Old GateHouse

    An old gatehouse becomes a secluded retreat. A piece with images from Florida, Virginia and Massachusetts combine to create an imaginary oasis.

  • Peaceful Reflection

    A reflection of the ocean sunset creates a peaceful mood!

  • Togetherness

    Sandhill Cranes mate for life!

  • Bird Reflection

    This bird reflection on the beach with a little added texture and border!

  • Water Rushes Through

    An abandoned mill with broken windows needed some life... so I added water falls... flowers, sky & birds.

  • Harmony in Nature

    One of my early pieces combining the moon, nature, music and wildlife... a few of my favorite things!!

  • Leafman

    You never know who you will see in the jungle.

  • Morning Escape

    A fantasy ride on a sunrise beach.

  • Ghost Rider

    This fantasy sunrise ride of a ghost rider.

  • Music in the Wind

    Music, a moving force in life.

  • Trio

    This piece evolved from one flower and one tree, if you look very closely you can see them!

  • Hands

    Lifeforce~The magical bond between a mother and child, or a father and child.

  • Mellow Yellow Dream

    A Mellow Yellow Dream bouquet of flowers!

  • Painterly Pink

    Simply pink!

  • In Remembrance

    In remembrance of those who sacrificed and those who have gone before. For my Father.

Fine Art Photography

  • Mt. Rainier, Reflection Lake, WA

    My first award winning photo. This photo started me on my photographic journey. The water was still and it was a beautiful shot overall however to add color, interest and impact to the shot I got down low and shot up through the wildflowers to create this image.

  • "Stairway to Heaven"

    Another award winning image... a serene place for dreaming in the garden...

  • Deer in Sunset

    Deer in Sunset

  • Bear's Den

    View along the Appalachian Trail near the Bear's Den Hostel, Bluemont, VA which is a lovely stone hostel dating back to the 1930's ~

  • Steeples in Sunset

    Harpers Ferry, WV

  • Sailing


  • Lake Crescent

    Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park, WA

  • Mt. Dora Lighthouse at Sunset

    This award winning photo was taken just after sunset in Mt. Dora, FL.

  • Mirror Reflection

    Taken in Mt. Dora, FL. I find it creates more interest to add something in the foreground of an image to help frame it and draw your eye in.

  • Roots

    Bluebells abound in the Spring at Bull Run VA

  • Fairyland

    Taken early in my career in Bluemont ,VA along the Shenandoah River.

  • Canoes in Sunrise

    This can be anywhere your imagination takes you so I won't reveal the location unless specifically asked!

  • Moonlight Reflection

    Moonlight through the trees reflecting on the lake.

  • Mayan Temple

    Chichen Itza, Mexico. Absolutely amazing architecture and design.

  • The USS Arizona & Memorial, Pearl Harbor, HI

    This was a heart wrenching sight. Capturing this image from a helicopter over Honolulu you can see the USS Arizona visible under the water. It is the tomb of 1102 US soldiers who perished trapped inside after a surprise attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor Dec 7,1941. The memorial building sits above the ship, but does not touch it. The sobering memorial is only accessible by boat and well worth the trip.

Seek that which enriches your spirit...Be kind, Be forgiving, Be loving... Be moved by the beauty and wonder of God's creations... Be blessed & Enjoy the journey.

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