Fine Art Photography

  • Mt. Rainier, Reflection Lake, WA

    My first award winning photo. This photo started me on my photographic journey. The water was still and it was a beautiful shot overall however to add color, interest and impact to the shot I got down low and shot up through the wildflowers to create this image.

  • "Stairway to Heaven"

    Another award winning image... a serene place for dreaming in the garden...

  • Deer in Sunset

    Deer in Sunset

  • Bear's Den

    View along the Appalachian Trail near the Bear's Den Hostel, Bluemont, VA. A lovely stone hostel dating back to the 1930's ~

  • Steeples in Sunset

    Harpers Ferry, WV

  • Sailing


  • Lake Crescent

    Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park, WA

  • Mt. Dora Lighthouse at Sunset

    This award winning photo was taken just after sunset in Mt. Dora, FL.

  • Mirror Reflection

    Taken in Mt. Dora, FL. I find it creates more interest to add something in the foreground of an image to help frame it and draw your eye in.

  • Roots

    Bluebells abound in the Spring at Bull Run VA

  • Fairyland

    Taken early in my career in Bluemont ,VA along the Shenandoah River.

  • Canoes in Sunrise

    This can be anywhere your imagination takes you so I won't reveal the location unless specifically asked!

  • Moonlight Reflection

    Moonlight through the trees reflecting on the lake.

  • Mayan Temple

    Chichen Itza, Mexico. Absolutely amazing architecture and design.

  • The USS Arizona & Memorial, Pearl Harbor, HI

    This was a heart wrenching sight. Capturing this image from a helicopter over Honolulu you can see the USS Arizona visible under the water. It is the tomb of 1102 US soldiers who perished trapped inside after a surprise attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor Dec 7,1941. The memorial building sits above the ship, but does not touch it. The sobering memorial is only accessible by boat and well worth the trip.

Seek that which enriches your spirit...Be kind, Be forgiving, Be loving... Be moved by the beauty and wonder of God's creations... Be blessed & Enjoy the journey.

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